Apostille and Legalization services

Translation agency Verbum, Odessa, Ukraine


To make any document issued outside of Ukraine legal in our country, you need to have it translated into the Ukrainian language and notarized. With the exception of passports, all documents such as birth certificates, etc., need to have an apostille stamp on it or consular legalization (in case the issuing country has not signed the Hague Convention of 1961 (https://www.hcch.net/en/instruments/conventions/full-text/?cid=41).

A similar procedure is required for documents issued in Ukraine that are intended to be used abroad. Depending on the destination country, you either need to have your document apostilled or legalized and, for some countries, translated and notarized. There are some countries, such as Belgium and Switzerland, which require a “double apostille”,  when both the document and the notarized translation need to be apostilled.

In any case, it is better to get in touch with us regarding your document when you are  planning your trip to Ukraine, so that we can try to make sure all your documents are properly prepared  for your time in Ukraine, and avoid any unpleasant surprises on your arrival.



Notarial certification of translation from 5 Euros per document

Apostille from 10 to 30 Euros, depending on the issuing Ministry

Legalization (Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Ministry of Justice) 15 Euros

Dichiarazione di valore please, contact us to inquire about the current rate

Nostrification please, contact us to inquire about the current rate

Sworn Polish, Czech, French, Italian translator please, contact us to inquire about the current rate