Non verbum de verbo, sed sensum de sensu exprimere

Welcome to Verbum Translation & Consulting Company!

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Certified translators and University graduate linguists
Expert translators, working into their mother tongue and within their specialist fields

Verbum provides official translation services for business, legal, industrial, medical, scientific and general documents. We are authorized to certify, notarize, and authenticate all translated work for use in various jurisdictions worldwide. In addition to translation, we provide editing and proofreading services (backtranslations as well). Our translators are dedicated to conveying fine shades of meaning for exact understanding by the intended audience.

Our interpretation services include court interpretation, conference and tour interpreters (both consecutive and simultaneous) guides Verbum provides on-site interpreters for any situation in Odessa City and in southern Ukraine.

We have some of the most competitive prices. No project management fees.

Consulting: we offer the optimum combination of quality, reliability and price. Whatever your personal or professional needs may be, we are prepared to meet them. Our in-country consultants are cognizant of industry standards and directives in foreign markets as well as Ukrainian regulatory requirements in the legal field.
Over 30 languages available
Excellent competitive prices
Services tailored to individual customer needs

Verbum is a specialist translation & consultancy company located in Odessa City, Ukraine. Founded in 2004 by a team of translation professionals (with 10-20 years practical experience), it has a network of local consultants ready to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, delivering top quality services.

We offer the expertise of in-country translators and interpreters in the following fields:
Commercial and business
Family history, correspondence and personal documents
Technical, scientific and industrial
Household appliances
Medical and pharmaceutical
Oil & gas
Law and finances
Software localization and IT solutions

From Civil Engineering to Fruit-Farming, our professionals are ready to complete your language translation work, ensuring the most accurate language translation possible.

Verbum is looking for talented and enthusiastic freelance translators to join our team. To work with us, you’ll need to have at least two years experience as a professional translator, and a university degree or proven industry experience. In case you are interested in a new employment opportunity and want to cooperate with us, submit your cover letter with resume to